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Explosion Technologies is 7

7 years young, 7 years old.

Thanks for supporting us to get us where we are today.

So much has changed and continues to change while we grow with that. Legislation, standards, global pandemics, staff, products, technology, markets, audits, training and the list goes on. All the things you don’t think of when starting a business. It’s hard to see beyond the first few years.

Some things don’t change, service, quality and ethics. The main reasons that Explosion Technologies was started in 2013.

We have built some great relationships & partnerships, solved some big and small problems for ourselves and for others.

Some highlights for us were building a workshop and office from scratch, gaining certification and licencing, employing great staff, rolling out product fixes following safety bulletins, learning new skills, knowing our clients are happy and most importantly that end users are safe.

Our next adventure is the world of online sales while we digitise our business more. While this is typically not the norm in our industry, everything is changing so yet again we are moving forward and will pivot into this space. We are sure it will come with challenges and we welcome them as it only makes us better at what we do.

Have a look around our new website and store. We will be expanding our educational content and range of products.

Thanks for being part of our small business and we look forward to helping your business grow too.

Got to love the view from the office.