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Explosion Technologies successfully transitioned to ISO9001:2015 last year through BSI and have now undertaken one surveillance audit with great success. Our quality management system is an integral part of our business to ensure we keep on track and achieve the greatest outcome for our clients. This means effective turnover time, improved operating costs and extremely low warranty rates.


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DCBR V3.00

DCBR V3.00 Elexis has made modifications to its DCBR card to reduce transients that may affect substandard designed apparatus. The DCBR V3.00 now offers inbuilt transient suppression of <24V peak and improved output ripple. All other parameters remain unchanged and the user manual is presently being updated to reflect this. The DCBR V3.00 upgrade has been designed and tested in less than four weeks proving the agility and design experience of Elexis along with their true devotion to safety compliance. Explosion Technologies has offered extensive support to the industry in regards to the addressed safety concerns raised in SA17-06 ..Read More

DCBR Chassis Fault Protection – Suitability

Elexis the manufacturer of the DCBR protection regulator card typically utilised in flameproof alternators has released some guidance notes in response to the recent safety alert SA17-06 in regards to chassis fault protection. The notes cover system suitability of intrinsically safe systems and the use of appropriate barriers. The guidance notes can be found below. PA002-001

Flameproof Alternator Guidance Notes

Explosion Technologies have released some technical guidance notes in regards to how transients and surges may be developed in an electrical system on an underground diesel vehicle. The guide looks at input influences and load side influences that can create transients. This information can be used to help minimise or exclude situations where transients may develop. Always refer to user guides and installation notes from each manufacturer. Installation should only be conducted by competent personnel. The guide notes can be found below. Alternator Transients and Surges – Technical Guidance 17A

DCBR Safety Bulletin

A Safety Bulletin published by Connexa regarding the introduction of circuit boards utilising unauthorised firmware within some flameproof alternators. Advise is contained in the bulletin in regards to identifying these cards from genuine Connexa product.     Safety Bulletin – DCBR Cards 16-3-2016 Should you require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Agency Appointment

Explosion Technologies has been appointed the exclusive agent for the service and installation of the DCBR range of alternator products manufactured by Connexa. This includes the DCBR cards, Eyesight window, IRDA daughter card and the DCBR IR reader/reset kit. The products can be viewed here on their website – CX Alternator and you can read about it here. Media Release_Connexa Explosion Technologies June 2015 This agreement ensures end user safety and compliance to AS/NZS4871.6 when overhauling and repairing MR series alternators as all DCBR cards are factory reset ensuring 100% compliance with the manufactured parameters. A certificate is issued to each ..Read More

Promotional Products Winter 2014

July 2014 Explosion Technologies also sells a range of aftermarket automotive electrical parts to suit various applications. These include alternators, starter motors, lighting, relays, flashers from known brands such as Bosch, Hella, OEX, and many others. Contact us today for pricing. Our current promotional flyer is below with the NTMS cameras and headlights being the focus in this issue. Contact us for your NTMS requirements as we stock methane system consumables and can help with installation of their products. Explosion Technologies Products W14

NATA, ANZEx and NSW Licence

July 2014 Explosion Technologies has completed the extensive process of obtaining ANZEx certification and NSW Trade & Investment Licencing for the recently completed overhaul facility in the Illawarra. The newly opened facility can carry out repairs and overhauls of extra low voltage Exd equipment for Group I enclosures including rotating equipment as well as provide on-site installation and repair. Explosion Technologies is able to conduct AS/NZS 4871.6 electrical audits for diesel operated equipment as well as pre overhaul inspections and internal and external inspections of Exd equipment in accordance with AS/NZS 2290.1 It has been a busy period for ..Read More